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  • Chemdet Inc

    Chemdet supplies a full range of quality tank cleaning equipment used to clean the interiors of both large and small, open or closed tanks, containers and vessels. Chemdet offers portable and CIP (clean-in-place) tank washers, fixed and rotary spray balls, drum and barrel washers and long range,...
  • Tank Cleaning Consultants, Inc.

    CIP systems: Complete CIP systems. Building machines since 1978. Repair on spinners, pumps and internal valves. We also supply water treatment equipment and new and used boilers.
  • Andax Industries, LLC

    Andax Industries manufactures and innovates products for the leak- and spill-control, secondary containment, and emergency preparedness markets. With our 40 years of experience, Andax designs, engineers and manufactures our own products in the USA. At Andax, we strive to meet and exceed your...
  • Butterworth Inc

    Type LT Tank Cleaning machine: stainless steel portable unit offers jet stream impact, reduced cleaning time,effluent generation and energy costs
  • Applied Mechanical Technology LLC

    Tank Wash Control Systems: We design and build all our own controls in-house to UL-508A Industrial Control Panel standards with strict conformance to NEC ANSI/NFPA 70 regulations. All panels are built to UL standards and are individually UL certified if required. Our operator controls interface schemes are the most...
  • Spraying Systems Co.

    Spraying Systems Co., the world's leader in spray technology, offers the industry's largest selection of spray nozzles and systems for dust suppression, equipment cleaning, lubrication and more. Choose from a wide range of nozzles including air atomizing, hydraulic fine spray, fogging, full...
  • Sani-Matic, Inc.

  • Gamajet Cleaning Systems

    Gamajet Tank Cleaning Machine: Are your tanks dirty? Want to clean faster and with less resources? Want Sustainability? Experience a 75% reduction in time and water by switching to Gamajet's patented rotary impingement. Gamajet is committed to providing the world with tank cleaning solutions by designing, manufacturing &...
  • Cloud Company -Sellers Cleaning Systems

    Cloud-Sellers offers a full line of rotary tank cleaning machines for effective rinsing, or impingement cleaning of the interior walls of all types and sizes of tanks, and vessels. We also provide a complete line of Hydraulic Jets which combine cold water and steam, to provide a high pressure,...
  • Thermal Engineering of Arizona (TEA)