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UP30 3" Pneumatic Double Diaphragm Pump Metallic: The 3” (76 mm) Alumminium Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps, reach a flow rate of up to 1.000 l/min (264 gal/min) and they offer a wide range of construction materials and porting configurations. The pump design ensures high abrasion resistance. when pumping abrasive media and low flow...
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McLube Moly & PTFE Lubricants: McLube moly lubricants and PTFE lubricants and coatings, moly oil dispersions, moly greases and moly pastes meet a vast range of industrial and military requirements from delicate watch mechanisms to the brutal stress of aircraft carrier launching systems. McLube dry film lubricants contain moly...
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Lubricants: Our Lubricants are formulated to meet the various demands of the industry and equipment on which it depends. We’re proud to put our expert knowledge to use by providing customizable service to offer your business the best lubricants for the job.
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FLUID FILM® has been proved in some of the most severe conditions; Industrial, agricultural, raw-terrain construction – even on the space shuttle. Modified over time to adapt to environmental and application considerations, it’s non-toxic, non-hazardous, contains no solvents and is...

Amalgamated Inc

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USA B-20 Winterizer WDA Ultra Soy Additive: USA B-20 WINTERIZER® WDA ULTRA SOY ADDITIVE was specifically formulated for soybean based fuel and bio-diesel blends. The Problem: B-100 Soy Methyl Ester (100% whole soy bean based fuel) and soy/diesel (bio-diesel) blends (B-2, B-5, B-10, B-20) are typically cold weather protection...
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Butler offers a complete line of heavy and light duty jacks and landing gear as well as heavy duty steel wheels, heavy duty axles, couplers and dock safety equipment

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