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November 23, 2016 | Clearwater, FL | Kemco Systems, Co. LLC, a global water and energy technology company, is proud to announce an exciting development in their business.

Kemco has been providing water and energy solutions to companies in the commercial laundry, food processing, ready-mix, textile, and other industries since 1969. Over those 47 years, billions of BTU’s have been saved and millions of gallons of water recycled. Those energy savings have resulted in hard dollars which have been able to be reinvested in these businesses to enhance competitive position and service to customers.

Kemco is continually making changes to enhance products and services to better serve their clients. Kemco is proud to make known yet another exciting development in their business. Kemco has partnered with Rock Island Capital, a private equity firm with over $150 million in committed capital, to ensure the business is positioned to support their clients for the next 47 years. The arrangement offers the best of both worlds:

·         Kemco has access to a greater source of funding to invest in significant capital programs, talent acquisition, and research and development.

·         The leadership of Kemco is further emboldened to build the business the right way, for the long term. CEO, Carroll Gorrell retains a significant ownership position as well as managing control of the business.

·         Key players within Kemco have bought into an employee stock offering and are heavily vested and aligned in the success of Kemco and its clients.

Kemco is very excited by these even ts and looks forward to demonstrating how this new relationship will benefit their cust o mers for decades to come.

About Kemco Systems, Co. LLC

Since 1969, Kemco has delivered over 5,000 systems worldwide for industrial water reuse/recycle, wastewater treatment, hot water heating, wastewater heat recovery, flue gas heat recovery, vapor/steam curing and conditioning, and total system monitoring.  Built for the most challenging conditions, Kemco’s systems are built to the highest standards of excellence, offering exceptional reliability, outstanding quality and top value for its client’s energy dollar.


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