Hibon, Inc. (an Ingersoll Rand Company)

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About Hibon, Inc. (an Ingersoll Rand Company)

Founded in 1899, HIBON offers a world-class range of air blowers and compression equipment used to provide air/gas volumes at varying pressures above atmospheric, and for vacuum duties. In 2006, HIBON released three-lobe, positive displacement blowers for the Dry Bulk Transport industry. Due to the three lobe design, these blowers have quickly become the standard for noise sensitive applications.

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Products by Hibon, Inc. (an Ingersoll Rand Company)

By Hibon, Inc. (an Ingersoll Rand Company)

Hibon offers a full line of positive displacement blowers for a variety of applications. Please review our website for more information. Read more »

By Hibon, Inc. (an Ingersoll Rand Company)

Hibon's SIAV/VTB line of three-lobe, air-injected blowers are the market leader in high vacuum blowers for the vacuum truck industry. Read more »

By Hibon, Inc. (an Ingersoll Rand Company)

The HIBON PROCESS blowers are world renown and benefit from more than a century’s experience, making them particularly reliable and rugged for use in the chemical, parachemical, nuclear, gas, energy and other process industries. Read more »