TDR-WDA Premium Diesel Fuel Additive

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This especially formulated and lab tested Premium Diesel Fuel Additive was developed to be an “all in one additive”.

This formulation contains advanced Technology Injection Cleaners, proven Fuel Stabilizers, patented Lubricity Agents, Combustion Improvers, Smoke Suppressants, a non-alcohol Anti-icer, a special Wax Dispersant Additive and Flow Improvers for cold weather dependability.

Cetane Improver: This additive will raise the engine cetane number by 7+ numbers. What does this mean? More Horse Power (12 HP) added, Easier Starting, Quieter Idling and Improved Fuel economy (5% or better).

Detergency: Your engine's heart is your fuel system and it is very important to keep the fuel injector system clean and free of deposit build-up. This additive makes sure your engine is clean and runs at maximum efficiency.

Lubrication: Helps to prevent fuel system wear by providing a lubricity rating to the fuel that exceeds the ASTM D-975 Diesel Fuel Requirement Specification for maximum engine protection (Less than 520 UM wear scar by the HFRR Lubricity Test).

Stabilizer: Protects fuel from its natural degradation process and the fuel systems from the harmful effects of fuel oxidation build-up. This additive limits free-carbon fall-out and sludge build-up, allowing fuel storage for prolonged periods of time.

De-icer: Anti-icer reduces the typical diesel fuel moisture content in fuel to a Freeze Point of –40F or more. Stops fuel line water/freeze ups.

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