Products in the Bulk Transportation Products Marketplace

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  • Cadec PowerVue By Cadec Corporation

    Cadec PowerVue is a fully hosted fleet management solution that combines the power of a web based, enterprise-class application platform with multiple communications options, and a new, state-of-the-art on-board computer system. Cadec PowerVue provides actionable information for business... Read More
  • Car Vision By INTEC Video Systems Inc

    The INTEC Car Vision® product line represents the most complete offering of heavy-duty and high-performance mobile safety camera and collision avoidance systems available. From the Extreme Duty CVCXL Series Cameras to the ultra-rugged and waterproof IP68 rated CVD Series Displays and CVS... Read More
  • CastLite Brake Drum By Consolidated Metco, Inc. (ConMet)

    ConMet's CastLite Brake Drum delivers weight savings and improved performance, without the cost penalty associated with other lightweight designs. The CastLite computer-optimized, unique patent pending shape results in up to a 15% weight reduction over a standard full-cast drum, while... Read More
  • Cellulose Sorbent By Andax Industries, LLC

    Absorbs 2-3 times more than polypropylene. Use where other sorbents won't fit. No free silica—prevents health problems associated with clay. 100% organic—environmentally friendly. Read More
  • CERTIFIER 912 & Hub By Lite-Check LLC

    LITE-CHECK -- CERTIFIER 912 & Data Collection Hubs Certification Tester for Manufacturing, Product Development, & FMVSS 121 Brake Timing The LITE-CHECK CERTIFIER 912 has been designed to support trailer manufacturer's quality assurance requirements and provide swift and complete EOL (end of... Read More
  • Chem Trap By Andax Industries, LLC

    Introducing the Chem Trap™. Provide instant containment for chemical spills, pesticides, acids, caustics and hydrofluorics. Optional accessories include a drain for transferring or storing liquids or linking several Chem Traps™, a ground tarp and Gravity Flow Bags for more capacity. The Chem... Read More
  • Chemical Grade Tank and Railcar Wash Systems By Applied Mechanical Technology LLC

    Our Chemical Grade Tankwash Systems are available in Mild Steel, Coated Mild Steel, and Stainless steel . We make a variety of sizes and configurations including water and chemical tankwash system (hot or cold), diesel pre-solv wash systems (for crude oil and some resins typically). Our systems... Read More
  • Chemical tanks By Southern Tank Leasing Inc

    Southern Tank has been manufacturing non-code, atmospheric-pressure chemical tanks for over twenty years. Chemical tanks can be horizontal, vertical, leg-supported vertical, or rectangular in design or you may choose to go the underground horizontal route instead. Read More
  • CIP systems By Tank Cleaning Consultants, Inc.

    Complete CIP systems. Building machines since 1978. Repair on spinners, pumps and internal valves. We also supply water treatment equipment and new and used boilers. Read More
  • ClearDrain By ClearDrain

    Complete replacement for air dryers on all types on vehicles/equip with compressed air systems. Can be installed on new vehicles or retro-fitted. Solid-state system is dessicant-free, is self-cleaning, self-defrosting & self-lubricating. Weighs just 7.2 lbs installed, housed in marine grade... Read More
  • Clifford - Jacobs By IMT

    Clifford-Jacobs Forging sets the industry standard for quality, performance, craftsmanship, and customer service. Our steel forgings help the leading brands in the mining, gear, aerospace, energy, and defense industries run. That’s because we use the highest-quality materials expertly engineered... Read More
  • CMF & RO Combined System By Kemco Systems

    Kemco has a new, PATENT PENDING, process for treating high strength industrial wastewater. This innovation takes advantage of the robust Ceramic Microfiltration (CMF) to remove Total Suspended Solids (TSS) and Oils and Greases (O&G). This first step, in combination with Kemco’s specially... Read More
  • Coefficient of Friction Tester By IDM Instruments® Pty Ltd

    IDM’s Coefficient of Friction Testers have proven to be a fast, reliable and accurate method of determining coefficient of friction. Our range of COF Testers are used to determine the static and kinetic friction of plastic film, sheeting, paper and other sheeted material coatings. Their... Read More
  • Commercial Lending Services By Commercial Credit Group Inc.

    CCG specializes in commercial financing, specifically for equipment in the construction, manufacturing, transportation, and waste industries. Our team of professionals are experts in these trades and can provide guidance for your company’s success. Although many financing companies today provide... Read More
  • Construction / Agriculture By C E Niehoff & Co.

    A1-100 Series A1-200 Series A1-300 Series C100 Series C300 Series C500 Series Read More
  • Container Dri® II By Clariant Cargo & Device Protection

    Clariant's Container Dri® portfolio offers a broad line of container desiccants that offer versatile protection against damaging humidity and moisture during intermodal transport. Available in bags, poles and strips, these industry-leading products absorb up to three times their weight in... Read More
  • ContiPT18 By Continental AG

    The new ContiPT18 is a solid industrial tire in press-on band construction, specifically designed for North American forklifts. The ContiPT18 features a wide flat profile with increased lug to void ratio. The design is a deep, aggressive lug pattern which also includes a modified rib to enhance... Read More
  • Courier & Parcel Delivery Services- “Business Expense Cost-Savings Services.” By Schooley Mitchell

    We can help reduce your annual COURIER & PARCEL DELIVERY SERVICES spend by thoroughly reviewing, auditing, analyzing and optimizing these services with your existing vendors/services. We find where they have been overcharging your business! It would be our PRIVILEGE to hold your vendors... Read More
  • Cross Views By Mirror Lite Co.

    For any application where a large vehicle operates in tight or crowded circumstances, a good cross view mirror is a critical tool in your safety arsenal. Mirror Lite offers a complete line of cross view mirrors including the HD, the Solar Eclipse, the Safety Cross and the Bus Boy. No bus or... Read More
  • Custom Blended Diesel Fuel Additives By Amalgamated Inc

    Custom blended diesel fuel additives are our “mark of distinction” in the world of distillate (diesel) fuel additive business. Our program begins by establishing a customer’s base line diesel fuel characteristics through extensive laboratory analysis of the customer’s specific distillate... Read More
  • Cycloblower Blowers By Republic Pneumatics

    Gardner Denver offers a wide range of CycloBlower models for industrial and truck mounted applications. The CycloBlower model range of high capacity, low weight blowers covers pressures to 20 PSIG, dry vacuum to 17' Hg., and a CFM range of 75 to 6700. Rotary screw-type, cycloidal rotors generate... Read More
  • Cygnus 1 Heavy Duty Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge By Cygnus Instruments

    A tough, rugged Ultrasonic Thickness gauge using our Multiple Echo technology. Multiple echo means you get a true, accurate, verified thickness measurement and coatings such as paint or decals do not have to be removed in order to get a thickness measure. The coatings are ignored. This gauge... Read More
  • Cygnus 2 By Cygnus Instruments

    A tough, rugged Ultrasonic Thickness gauge using our Multiple Echo technology. Multiple echo means you get a true, accurate, verified thickness measurement and coatings such as paint or decals do not have to be removed in order to get a thickness measure. The coatings are ignored. This gauge... Read More
  • Cygnus 3 Data Logger By Cygnus Instruments

    The Cygnus 3 Data Logger thickness gauge is versatile and easy to program with simple menu operation. It allows you to collect measurements electonically and download to meaninful 8 1/2" X 11" reports as required by HM-183. Original thicknesses and upper/lower tolerances can be added to provide... Read More