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  • Packaged Pumping Systems and Lift Stations By Gorman-Rupp Company

    ReliaSource® lift stations include above- and below-ground pumping stations that are 100% custom-engineered, manufactured, assembled and pretested by the experts at Gorman-Rupp in our state-of-the-art facilities. That means when you choose a ReliaSource lift station to meet your sewage and... Read More
  • PC Forge By IMT

    When industries run well, they run on forgings from PC Forge. All our forgings meet the exacting standards of our customers in the Transportation, Energy and Defence industries around the globe. We forge to a gold standard with state of the art equipment, best in class quality, and high tech 2D... Read More
  • Pickup Truck Exhaust Systems By Grand Rock Co

    Covering diesel pickup applications from Ford, GM, and Dodge, GRAND ROCK makes high-performance single stock-exit systems, as well as the finest single and dual in-bed stack kits on the market. Application years range from 1994-2006 for the single under vehicle stock-exit kits, and can fit all... Read More
  • pipe fittings (ELLS,TEES,REDUCERS) By Bestweld, Inc.

    stainless steel and aluminum ELLS, TEES and REDUCERS with belled ends for easy welding Read More
  • Pneumatic Dry Bulk (Advantage APB) By Trail King Industries, Inc

    Capacity = 1033 cubic feet Kingpin to Center of Last Axle: 38' 4" (21" KP setting) Overall Length = 42' 0" Overall Width = 96" Overall Height = 11' 6" (w/ 48" fifth wheel) Bolted and Adjustable 5th Wheel Aluminum End Frames Aluminum Struts 3-Hopper, 45° Vessel Non Food Grade w/Standard... Read More
  • Poly Fenders By Jonesco (Preston) Ltd

    Jonesco was established in 1967 to manufacture steel fenders for commercial vehicles. In the mid-1970s the Company began to manufacture poly fenders to complement those made from steel. Whilst continuing to manufacture fenders from steel, the ploy fender has rapidly gained prominence in most... Read More
  • Portable Tank Cleaning Unit (PTCU) By RCI Technologies

    The Portable Tank Cleaning Unit is a portable contaminant removal system for use in both above- and below-ground storage tanks. It is designed specifically to remove water and other contaminants common to stored diesel fuel. The standard system operates on 110 AC power and is lightweight... Read More
  • Positive Displacement Blowers By Hibon, Inc. (an Ingersoll Rand Company)

    Hibon offers a full line of positive displacement blowers for a variety of applications. Please review our website for more information. Read More
  • PreSet Hub and Rotor Assembly By Consolidated Metco, Inc. (ConMet)

    ConMet has built on its success with PreSet hub technology used with today's S-Cam foundation brakes by introducing a PreSet hub and rotor assembly designed for use on commercial trailers with the Haldex air disc brake. This assembly combines the low maintenance advantages of PreSet hubs with an... Read More
  • PreSet Hub Assembly By Consolidated Metco, Inc. (ConMet)

    PreSet hub assembles from ConMet utilize pre-adjusted bearings to simplify installation, improve seal and bearing life and reduce maintenance requirements - resulting in improved overall vehicle performance and lower-life cycle cost. Read More
  • PressurePro 10 Wheel TPMS Monitor By Advantage PressurePro LLC

    PressurePro Monitors are capable of reading pressures from 10 psi to 199 psi, are RS232 capable, and can display pressures in PSI, BAR or kPa. All Monitors have two low pressure alert levels, the first at 12.5% and the second at 25% drop in pressure. They also have a variable high pressure alert... Read More
  • PressurePro 16 Wheel TPMS Monitor By Advantage PressurePro LLC

    Common uses: RV’s, 5th Wheels, Buses, Trailer Options (boating, equestrian & more) Description: PressurePro’s 16 wheel Monitor allows users to monitor up to 10 wheel positions on a primary vehicle and 6 wheel positions on the tow, giving users flexibility for wheel positioning. The 16 Wheel... Read More
  • PressurePro 34 Wheel TPMS Monitor By Advantage PressurePro LLC

    Common uses: Tractor Trailers, Heavy Equipment, Waste & Concrete Equipment, 5th Wheels, Trailer Options (boating, equestrian & more) Description: PressurePro’s 34 wheel Monitor allows users to monitor up to 10 wheel positions on a primary vehicle and 24 wheel positions on the trailer/tow,... Read More
  • PressurePro Drop and Hook TPMS Monitor By Advantage PressurePro LLC

    Common uses: Drop-and-Hook Trucking Applications PressurePro’s Intelligent Monitors allow users to monitor up to 64 wheel positions on a primary (truck) and up to three trailers. The Monitors, specifically designed for multi-trailer operations, bring to the market the only fully automated drop... Read More
  • Process Blowers By Hibon, Inc. (an Ingersoll Rand Company)

    The HIBON PROCESS blowers are world renown and benefit from more than a century’s experience, making them particularly reliable and rugged for use in the chemical, parachemical, nuclear, gas, energy and other process industries. Read More
  • PRO-CHECK Family: 720, 724, & 725 By Lite-Check LLC

    LITE-CHECK -- PRO-CHECK 720, 724, 725 Automated Trailer Tester: Lighting & Electrical Systems The LITE-CHECK PRO-CHECK is a rugged, lightweight, and low cost family of computer controlled trailer testers. LITE-CHECK's patented active diagnostic system takes the mystery out of identifying... Read More
  • Products by Pump Type By Gorman-Rupp Company

    Pump types from Gorman-Rupp include: Self-priming, packaged systems for lift stations, centrifugal pumps, diaphragm pumps, priming assisted (dry prime), submersible pumps and rotary gear pumps. Gorman-Rupp has over one million square feet of the most modern manufacturing and warehousing... Read More
  • Proximity Level Switch By Monitor Technologies LLC

    The models PAC-30U and PDC-30 proximity bin level switches are solid state point level devices used to detect the absence or presence of bulk solids. The compact configuration makes this product ideal for tight spaces or low cost level detection. As material comes in contact with, or in close... Read More
  • Pushbutton Switch 90030 By Littelfuse CVP

    Normally Off Pushbutton Switch, with screw-on rubber cap. For applications up to 36V DC. Cole Hersee manufactures over 50 kinds of pushbutton momentary switches. Check out the range at Read More