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  • SafePoint® Truly Fail-Safe Bin Level Switch By Monitor Technologies LLC

    Monitor Technologies’ SafePoint® rotary paddle point level indicator (switch) with a self-validating design detects material presence plus continuously monitors its own ability to function. This analysis includes sensor health and system power failure, which makes the SafePoint truly... Read More
  • School Bus Exhaust Systems By Grand Rock Co

    Do you need to replace your exhaust system or repair a leak before inspection? Do you have an end of the school year maintenance project? Grand Rock has an extensive line of bus exhaust parts, giving you the assurance you need that the parts will exceed your expectations and arrive when you... Read More
  • School Bus, Shuttle Bus, Limousine and OEM Parts By Manex Corporation

    Manex, a full line supplier of HVAC systems and service parts for specialty vehicles including, Limousines, shuttle buses and school buses. Give us a call for service parts or complete systems Read More
  • Sealed Ignition Switches 95060 series By Littelfuse CVP

    Sealed Ignition Switches are ruggedly built from engineering plastic and won't rust or corrode. Integral Deutsch-type connector makes installaton easy. 10A at 12V DC, 5A at 24V DC, 3A at 36V DC and 2A at 48V DC. Available in all ignition configurations including anti-restart. Sealed to IP67. Read More
  • Seats Incorporated School Bus Driver Seating By Seats, Inc.

    For Maximum bus driver comfort, choose the high quality and heavy duty performance of the Magnum series suspension seats from Seats Incorporated. These seats feature Seat Inc.'s unique "knee action" suspension that flexes naturally with the driver's body, absorbing shock and vibration.... Read More
  • Self Steer By IMT

    The new SmartSteer line of Self Steering Axles from the leaders in self steer. Read More
  • SGL-Sliding Vane Pumps By Blackmer, part of PSG a Dover Company

    Traditionally two types of pumps were used for specialty gas service: expensive, complicated pumps that did a reliable job; and inexpensive pumps that didn't. The Blackmer SGL pump changes that. It delivers reliable, highly efficient performance in conditions ranging from low temperatures to... Read More
  • Sight Glass By Kuriyama of America

    Sight Glass is Made from a Tough Polycarbonate Material and has a Temperature Rating of (-50 to +185°F). It has a 500 PSI rating and allows for viewing of materials at all times. Read More
  • Silo Patrol® Cable-Based Level Sensor By Monitor Technologies LLC

    Monitor Technologies’ SiloPatrol® SE smart cable-based level sensors are effectively utilized to improve inventory control of powder and bulk solids. The sensors measure the inventory level automatically and on-demand without the need for your operator or plant personnel to climb silos, which... Read More
  • SINGLE POINT SUSPENSION By Watson & Chalin Mfg. Inc.

    DESIGNED FOR ON & OFF ROAD APPLICATIONS 5 Year Warranty 5 Year Parts and Labor on Straddle Mount Against TrunnionTube Breakage 5 Year on Polyurethane Bushings & Pads Straddle Mount or Trunnion Mount Severe Duty Straddle Plate Available for 60,000, 70,000 or 80,000 lbs. Optional... Read More
  • Skidded Frac Tanks with Handrail System on Roof --China frac tank manufacturer By Jiangmen Special Tanks Equipment Factory

    Skidded Frac Tanks with Handrail System on Roof (Model #45SFT) All of our frac tanks are made with the highest quality carbon steel throughout. All seams are welded both sides. And tank bottom to be reinforced. The 45SFT our standard 500bbl skidded frac tanks are built with removable... Read More
  • SkidWeigh ED2-400 Series By Integrated Visual Data Technology Inc.

    Automatic lift truck utilization data logger with onboard check weighing. System application for all kinds of material handling vehicles, freight weight verification, impact detection and web based management reports. Read More

    INTEGRATED SUSPENSION AND AXLE ASSEMBLY Axle Travel: 13.5 in. Parallelogram Design Axle Lift: 10.5 in. Preloaded Locking Fasteners Capacity: 8,000 lbs. Quick Change Ride Height System Ride Heights: 12 thru 18 in. Preset Caster Read More

    Axle Travel: 13.5 in. Axle Lift: 10.5 in. Capacity: 13,200 lbs. Ride Height: 8 to 20 in. Parallelogram Design Lightweight: 944 lbs. Maintenance Free HUCK Fasteners Dual Self-Centering Stabilizers Preset Caster Read More
  • Small Package Shipping (150 lbs.) and Courier Services- “Business Expense Cost-Savings Services.” By Schooley Mitchell

    We can help reduce your annual Small Package Shipping (less than 150 lbs.) & Courier Services spend by thoroughly reviewing, auditing, analyzing and optimizing these services with your existing vendors/services. We find where they have been overcharging your business! It would be our PRIVILEGE... Read More
  • smart Battery Isolators 48530 & 48525 By Littelfuse CVP

    Prevents loads on auxiliary battery from draining the starting battery. More flexible than conventional diode batter isolators, this item works with all alternator types and has no diode efficiency losses. Allows bi-directional charging from alternator or shore power. Reduces load on charging... Read More
  • SNP-Sliding Vane Pumps By Blackmer, part of PSG a Dover Company

    Blackmer SNP pumps are typically used in handling a variety of corrosive or caustic fluids such as acids, brines and liquid foods such as sugars, syrups, beer, beet juice, cider and flavor extracts. Features and Benefits: - 316 stainless steel construction with metallized carbon sleeve bearings... Read More
  • SolarPulse By PulseTech Products Corporation

    Unique weatherproof solar chargers provide clean, quiet energy. They're ideal for virtually any kind of vehicle in areas without access to electrical power. SolarPulse systems clean battery plates of large, damaging lead sulfates so batteries can accept, store and release maximum power when... Read More
  • Solberg Filters By Republic Pneumatics

    Republic Pneumatics and Solberg believe in partnering with you to provide innovative solutions and products for all your filtration needs. Our design team is available to help you solve unique applications or specific requirements that you may have. Solberg manufactures and is a worldwide... Read More
  • Solenoids By Littelfuse CVP

    Cole Hersee manufactures over 60 different styles of solenoid: insulated/grounded, continuous/intermittent, SPST/DPST, normally Off/On, UL-listed, PVC-coated, latching,electronic, motor-reversing, 6V/12V/12V/24V/36V. Check out the extensive line of Cole Hersee brand solenoids. Read More
  • Solimar Fluidizer By Solimar Pneumatics

    The Solimar disk fluidizer has proven to be one of the most effective solutions to discharging dry powders from trailers, railcars, silos, hoppers and bins. The fluidizer line has grown to include food grade applications, EPDM disks, High Temperature disks and Mini disks. No fluidizer lasts... Read More
  • SonTector By Ansonics Inc.

    The SonTector is solid, dependable, easy to use, and backed by over 40 years of experience. It’s rugged housing and noise-excluding head phones are designed for industrial use. This tool easily locates leaks and mechanical malfunctions. Read More
  • Sorb Sox Pac By Andax Industries, LLC

    Sometimes, all you need is a really big SOX! Use it to surround a spill, leaking equipment or block the flow of liquid to a storm drain in one step. This 10' long Sox is available in General Purpose or Oil-Selective and includes gloves, disposal bag and tie. Vacuum-packed—keeps it ready to use. Read More
  • Sorbent Pads By Andax Industries, LLC

    Available in Universal and Oil-Selective. These thick sorbent pads are perforated so you use only what you need. They won't fall apart when saturated and are ideal for indoor/outdoor use. The Oil-Selective pads absorb oil-based fluid only, including fuels like a sponge and floats on water. Catch... Read More
  • Sorbent Rolls By Andax Industries, LLC

    The practicality of a pad—the convenience of a roll. Catch leaks and drips under machinery, use to absorb oil or chemical spills, place under dispensing equipment or drums, reduce greasy footprints and grime on your floor. Rolls are perforated every 7.5" vertically and every 15" horizontally—use... Read More
  • SPCC-Spill Preparedness Control Center By Andax Industries, LLC

    Introducing the NEW Andax Spill Preparedness Control Center! Color-coded labels enable you to quickly identify which Spill Pac to use for a spill or leak. Each Pac comes with a highly visible 2" x 4" color-coded label you can place on machinery or equipment for which you need a specific spill... Read More
  • Special Funding Programs By GPD Capital Services, Inc.

    GPD Capital Services offers products and services through all stages of the funding process, including Planning/Purchasing, Financing/Leasing, Fleet Operations and Re-Sale Services. GPD also offers a range of special funding programs such as: • Master funding lines to cover your next 6 months... Read More
  • Spill Pallet By Andax Industries, LLC

    This is our large capacity spill response utilizing our Modular Rapid Response (MMR) system. The Spill Pallet lets up to eight responders attack the spill and take control. The Spill Pallet contains 4 MMR units and 80' of boom. Keep your Spill Pallet ready with economical and convenient MMR... Read More
  • Spill Station By Andax Industries, LLC

    This new, convenient, portable Spill Station can be hung on a wall in any location where spills happen—including substations, warehouses, repair shops and more. It opens on the wall so you can work from where it hangs or carry it right to the scene of the spill. Available with Oil-Selective or... Read More
  • Spinners By Tank Cleaning Consultants, Inc.

    We supply a variety of spinner brands and types. Repair and parts also available. Read More
  • Spring Brake By Haldex Brake Products Corp.

    Leading the commercial vehicle industry in brake system technology for over 40 years and for billions of miles traveled, Haldex advanced actuators have been bringing loads to a stop all over the world. The innovation, quality and reliable performance that have defined Haldex brake technology... Read More
  • Spring Return Dead Man Handle Ball Valve By S&K AUTOMATION

    Ball Valve with spring return deadman handle is used for sampling, filling containers, draining tanks and other applications. If the operator release the spring handle, the valve will return to the closed position. It could also be used to fail open if desired. Features include: Live loaded... Read More
  • Spyder Sox By Andax Industries, LLC

    The stock Spyder Sox is made with three Sorbent-Sox connected with a 1" orange webbing handle. Use the convenient handle for retrieving the sorbent. Works great as a filter on drains by capturing the oil and letting water through. The oil-selective Sox float on water, absorbing oil fast by... Read More

    5 Year Warranty Maintenance Free with Huck Fasteners 25,000 and 30,000 lb. Capacity Axle Travel: 8 in. Capacity: 25,000 and 30,000 lbs. Ride Heights: 7 thru 24 in. Maintenance Free HUCK Fasteners Factory Pre-Assembled Compact Design Flush Mount Shocks Extended Life Bushings Read More
  • STEMCO By Stemco

    STEMCO products include Hub Oil Seals, Hub Caps, Axle Spindle Nuts, Electronic Hubodometers, Heavy Duty Bearings, Tire pressure monitoring systems, Spring pins, bushings, and suspension kits. Our new STEMCO brake products group offers High Performance Friction, new brake shoes, hardware kits... Read More
  • Sure-Start By Safety Systems & Controls, Inc.

    SSC's Sure-Start battery protection system protects a vehicle's battery from accidental discharge. Read More
  • SVRU Wash Head By Cloud Company

    The SVRU Series of wash-heads are hydraulically driven by the cleaning solution and are ideal for general rinsing, pressure cleaning, chemical distribution and passivation applications. There are three models available (A, B, C) which operate between 10-120 psi (.7-8.2 bar) and which supply an... Read More